Award Rules

The Awards are set to stimulate the sustainable development of creativity projects in schools rather than focusing on competition, as we encourage project submissions in multimedia formats. Therefore, GloCT have set the overall prize as follows:

£2,000 will be allocated to each of the first 50 organisations/teams that submit their proposals before 15 July 2024, to facilitate video production as part of their final submissions. £8,000 will be awarded to each of the top three projects to sustain their projects throughout 2025.

For the Early Bird Project Grants: £2,000 for first 50 participants, please note the following:

1.Please submit the on-going projects or proposals as soon as possible before 15 July 2024. The projects will be reviewed in the order they are received, and grants will be awarded to qualified submissions from the earliest groups. The submission form can be found here.

2.Considering the fairness and balance between regions worldwide, the £2,000 grant is given to no more than 10 projects for each continent, no more than 2 projects for each country and no more than one for each organisation. For instance, if four applicants from one country submit their respective proposals, the first two applicants submitting the qualified proposals will each be given the £2,000 grant.

3.If a particular region is more demanding and there are some extremely outstanding projects, there will be a waiting list to consider extra grants for those cases. OR if any proposal (with earlier submission) is ruled out/ disqualified upon our preliminary review, the sequence of the proposal(s) on the waiting list will be advanced.

4.The grant will be given to each of the 50 organisations/teams upon their respective submission of the required final application form/video.

For the Best Projects Grants, £8,000 for the top 3 projects, please note the following:

1.Whether you receive the £2,000 grant or not, you will be invited to run for the final grant.

2.All the projects shall be submitted in full before the required deadline of 15 July 2024.

3.The projects will go through fair review by the International Committee of experts with secret ballot and professional scoring. The scoring will be based on the potential and impacts on student creativity education in schools. Members of the International Committee can be found on the following page:

4.The three projects with the highest scores will be announced on 16 September 2024, each project will be given the £8,000 grant, which is for the continuous support of their projects in 2025.

5.The representatives of the three projects will be invited to the 2024 award ceremony during the 2024 Creativity in Education Summit.


·In submitting a proposal or video for the awards, the applicants are deemed to have conveyed to GloCT the right to choose excerpts from the proposal or video and use in the promotional materials of GloCT, including the website, the posters or the media content produced by GloCT.

·GloCT reserves the right for the final interpretation of the awards rules.