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    A Welcome from Prof Bill Lucas, Chair of GIoCT

    Across the world educators are realising that, as well as teaching the foundational disciplines of the school curriculum, we need to cultivate dispositions such as creative thinking and collaboration in young people.


    In 2019 OECD published the results of a four year study into the fostering of students’ creativity and critical thinking. Drawing on evidence from eleven different countries from India to Brazil, Thailand to Wales, the research highlights effective practices for teaching and assessing creative thinking in schools.


    The decision by the global testing organisation the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to make Creative Thinking the focus of a new test in 2022 has provided a significant boost to the status of creative thinking in schools. It is likely to influence governments across the world in the coming years.


    But, as the Brookings Institution reminds us, while creative thinking is now included in the curricula of more than 20 educational jurisdictions across the world, there is very slow progress on understanding how best to teach it and how to evidence its development in young people.


    At the Global Institute of Creative Thinking we want to change this. We very much hope that you will join us in this vitally important movement.


    Bill Lucas
    Chair of GIoCT Advisory Board
    Co-Chair of PISA Creative Thinking Test 2022 Strategic Advisory Group
    Director, Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester, UK

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    Over the last seventy years, creativity has become an established field of study. Hear global thought leader Professor Bill Lucas discuss what Creative Thinking is and why it matters.


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  • "Education, from its root, is to serve human development. The education we offer will determine the next generation we have, and the next generation we have will determine our future."

    — Professor Xiping Tao, Co-founder of GIoCT

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