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6th CES Annual Conference
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The GIoCT continuously creates new opportunities for developing creative thinking in education. During the 5th Creativity in Education Summit held at the OECD Paris Headquarters in November 2023, several projects were announced and launched, and they will be the focal points for GIoCT’s development in 2024 and even the next decade.

Who we are

Setup as an institute in the UK, and now a registered charity, Global Institute of Creative Thinking has always stayed true to its roots, our mission remains the same, to nurture creative thinkers, empower those we teach, and inspire futures.

Our Mission

To ignite minds and foster out-of-the-box thinking in educational settings across the globe, serving as the catalyst for a transformative approach to learning and leadership.

Our Vision

We see a world where creative thinking is not just an asset but a universal language, bridging cultural, educational, and professional gaps to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Through enhancing awareness and capacity of teaching for creativity,
we impact how the next generations learn.

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Leading Creative Schools


The CREATE Centre in association with GIoCT
The Creativity Conference


Creativity Conference
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6th CES Annual Conference


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