• Teacher Training

    We have been organizing training for teachers on all levels and senior managers in the educational sector, highlighted by our leadership and creativity courses. We bring educators, managers, investors and marketers for on-site visits, training, and workshops in China, UK and beyond.

  • Bespoke training

    GIoCT encourages teachers to turn their schools into a place where students carry out explorations of the world and become self-driven and innovative learners. Through supporting such a new learning environment that integrates materials, methods and tools, GIoCT enables educators lead innovation of school curricula.


    For classroom teachers and subject heads, we offer courses on:

    • Creative thinking
    • Curriculum Design & Development
    • New Teacher Training
    • Pedagogic Innovation

    For senior management, we offer courses on:

    • Education Leadership
    • School Operations and Finance
    • Creativity Certification

    Certification Program

    While many teacher training programmes seek to train teachers in a single framework of traditional subject-related pedagogies, this programme offers a great opportunity to understand creative thinking in the 21st century with a new framework of teaching for creativity. You will develop key abilities to critically adapt teaching in classrooms, carry out innovative course design in departments and enhance management on campus in your future career.


    Not only is this programme suitable for those who wish to become inspiring teachers, or are already leaders in schools wishing to advance further in their career, it is also suitable for anyone who seeks curriculum innovation to foster creativity.


    Seminars & Conferences

    We believe in the culture of sharing. The Creative Lab actively seek to promote positive conversations between schools, universities, industries and local communities. As an educational promotion initiative with a global vision, we also aim to bring in experts from around the globe to discuss best practices and lessons learned to inspire solutions and further development.


    Thanks to our pool of academic and professional experts and our detail-oriented in-house administrative team, we support regular and on-demand academic seminars, international visits and conferences.


    Check out our annual Creativity Education Summit here.

    Digital Platform

    In 2020, due to the pandemic, teacher training was offered as remote training sessions with pre-recorded lectures and online workshops in our dedicated online digital platform. In the future, we plan to expand this platform with more online sessions and supportive learning materials.


    Currently the digital learning platform is available in Chinese only, and you may check it out here. An English version is under development and we hope to launch it soon!

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