• The PISA 2022 Creative Thinking Assessment

    A special emphasis on creative thinking

    It has been a global trend to incorporate creativity as one of the core skills into school curriculum. Countries such as Canada, Australia, and China, have promoted creativity education in K12 school curriculum development with various approaches, both holistically and locally. As more emphasis is placed on creative thinking, educators and leaders across the world are exploring ways to facilitate better teaching and assessment of creative thinking.


    OECD’s testing organization, the Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, will run its first ever creative thinking test. For a global organization with far-reaching impact, the new assessment constitutes a milestone in terms of creativity education in school context. Highlighting the crucial role of critical thinking and creative thinking, it calls for more attention and awareness on creativity, as opposed to traditional subject learning, such as reading, writing, mathematics and science.

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  • "The PISA 2021 test of creative thinking will thus focus on tasks related to this ‘little c’ creativity in order to minimise the importance of innate talent for performance and to put a stronger focus on the malleable capacity of individuals to engage in creative thinking."

    — PISA 2021 Creative Thinking Framework

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