• Member School List

    At the beginning of 2022, GIoCT has been working with over 70 member schools on creative thinking projects from China and beyond.


    Members of the GIoCT receive access to the following benefits intended to enhance the student creative experience, promote their creativity program growth, and develop a sustainable workforce capacity specializing in creativity education.

    • Creative curriculum case study support
    • Teacher training courses
    • PISA creative thinking test consulting
    • School exchanges and networking

  • Featured members

    Pate's Grammar School


    Anting Primary School


    Beicai Senior High School of SMU

    Caowang Primary School


    Defu Middle School Affiliated to HSASJTU

    Dongchang High School


    Experimental Middle School of Tongji University

    Fangtai Middle School


    Fengbang Primary School


    Jiading No.1 High School


    Jiading No.2 High School


    Jiading D&T Educational Center

    Jiading High School of SNU

    Jiading School Affiliated to Shanghai University

    Jiading Youth Tech & Innovation Center

    Jiangqiao Experiment School

    Jiangzhen Elementary School

    Jincai Middle School East Campus

    Jinqiao Elementary School


    Lixi Secondary School


    Middle School Affiliated to SLUAF

    Mingzhu Lingang Primary School

    New World Experimental Primary School

    Primary School of Tongji University

    Shanghai East Experimental School

    Shanghai Experimental School of CAS

    Shangnan High School South Campus

    Tangzhen High School


    Xiangshan High School

    Yangjing Juyuan Experimental School

    Zhangjiang Hi-tech Primary School

  • How to become a member school?

    Any school that commits to follow the principles of the Charter of GIoCT can join our creativity alliance!


    The requirements for formalising membership are as follows:

    1. Get in touch.
    2. Membership discussed and approval by the board of GIoCT.
    3. Send the approval letter to the Secretariat, who will then send you a membership fee invoice.
    4. Payment of the membership fee.

    Member schools undertake to follow the principles of our institute and to participate in the GIoCT channels of communication, exchange and collaboration.

  • Have questions?

    Feel free to contact us at info@gioct.org. We will get back to you within 72 hours.

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