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    The Global Institute of Creative Thinking is an initiative first proposed by Professor Xiping TAO, one of the most famous educators in China, Member of Chinese National Education Consultative Committee, Adviser to Chinese National Chief Inspector, President of Chinese National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (CNFUCA) and Honorary President of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA).


    In his last overseas visit in January 2019, Professor Tao travelled to the U.K., where he visited the local educational communities and spoke at the First China-U.K. International Forum on Creativity through Curricular Innovation. He emphasized the importance of creative thinking and envisioned a platform for schools that fosters creativity of our next generation citizens through reforming and restructuring curricula. In the same year, the Global Institute of Creative Thinking, along with its first key project Creative Lab, was launched to explore the role and value of creativity and leadership in education.


    Professor Tao was the engine that drove the establishment of GIoCT. He highly affirmed our organisation to promote and practice the concept of teaching creative thinking in schools, and conducted the transformation and initiated the establishment of Creative Lab, which has become an essential part of GIoCT and received sustained funding from Shanghai Municipal Educational Bureau.


    Professor Tao passed away in May 2020. His leadership was instrumental in aligning all the key persons, partners and supporters of GIoCT, guiding us to work together to take the concepts of creative thinking to the practice of greater goals set by UNESCO and other international organizations. His vision, wisdom and devotion to education marks him out as one of the most prestigious educators and international leaders. We are committed to carrying forward the educational wealth that Professor Tao kindly endowed to us. May his soul rest in peace!

  • The academic visit of Professor Tao Xiping and the delegates from Beijing Shengtao Education Development and Innovation Research Institute to Judge Business School and Education Faculty at Cambridge University.

    Formal Reception with Professor Simon Learmount (JBS), Naomi Atkins (SPF Vice Principal), Professor Geoffrey Hayward (Director, Faculty of Education) at Thomas Gray Room, Pembroke College, Cambridge

  • "Education, from its root, is to serve human development. The education we offer will determine the next generation we have, and the next generation we have will determine our future."

    — Professor Xiping Tao, Co-founder of GIoCT

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