• Featured Creative Project | The SAIL Curriculum

    A Featured Creative Project by Beicai Senior High School Affiliated to Maritime University


    Project Name: Future Navigators: The SAIL Curriculum
    Duration: 4+ years

    Student age: 15-18 years old
    Curriculum outcome: A SAIL curriculum of interdisciplinary learning supported by Maritime Innovation and Laboratory Building and various local partnerships.

  • Featured course

    Underwater Drone

    A student-led, project-based, interdisciplinary course to encourage learning, develop creativity, and foster hands-on abilities.


  • The "SAIL" Curriculum

    SAIL = Students + Activity + Intellectual + Linked

    The School takes a holistic view of learning with “Nurturing Perseverance and Building Partnership” as its motto. It offers a student-centered creative curriculum with the theme of “People and the Maritime World”. Students aged 15-18 are encouraged to learn knowledge and crucial skills through a series of courses weaved through subjects and interdisciplinary learning, supported by the new Maritime Innovation and Laboratory Building. There are more than 50 modules of hands-on and explorative activities to drive student passion for learning.


    The curriculum focus on four key words: Students, Activity, Intellectual and Linked, and is therefore called the SAIL curriculum. It encourages students to nurture independence, inquisitiveness, collaboration, creativity, questioning and critical thinking.


    The SAIL curriculum is selected as part of the Creative Lab initiative funded by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission aimed to foster life-long skills of aspiration, resilience, collaboration and creativity for students in the 21st century.

  • Maritime Innovation and Laboratory Building

    Creating a nurturing and immersive environment

    On campus, there is a Maritime Innovation and Laboratory Building with 12 innovation labs, such as…

    • Maritime Silk Road Lab
    • Resource and Environmental Protection Lab
    • Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab
    • Ship Bridge Simulator
    • Port Operations Lab
    • Marine Technology Lab
    • Ship Design and Manufacturing Center
    • Ship Structure and Function Lab
    • Ship Physics Lab
    • Maritime Innovation Lab

    Serving as the Shanghai Youth Science Education Station, the building provides an excellent environment in which students develop creative and innovative skills in a maritime context and beyond.


  • Co-Curricular Activities

    From local communities to international horizon

    On-campus activities

    There is a series of on-campus activities designed around the learning goals and maritime features of the school, including the Maritime Culture Festival, Maritime Science and Technology Innovation Winter Camp, Maritime Research and Field Trip, the Voyage Forum, as well as social services at local colleges, businesses, ports, and museums and maritime workshops and science exhibitions. This offers rich opportunities for project-based learning and independent research.

    Student Clubs

    Student clubs are a key part of co-curriculum, including the Dragon Boat Club, Dragon & Lion Dance Club, Dance Club, Percussion Club, Student’s TV Channel, Underwater Robot Makers, Volunteer Group, and Quantum Camp Club, etc.

    International Education

    The school organizes student exchange programs every year thanks to the partnerships with Saint Martin's University and North Cedar International Academy of the United States, Oulun Lyseo Upper Secondary School of Finland, Gymnasium Grünwald of Germany, and schools in New Zealand and Ireland, etc.


    Nearly one-third of the students have the opportunity to go abroad for a substantial length of exchange, live with a local family, experience the local culture, and organize international workshops. This greatly helps the young people to develop a global vision and cross-cultural communication skills, while enriching student life and school heritage and enhancing the quality of education.

  • Resourcing for Creativity

    Working with Universities and Professional Institutes

    The school receives full support of Shanghai Maritime University and works with a number of academic and professional organizations, forming strong ties and introducing external resources to further support the learning journey of our students and the development of our faculty.

    • Shanghai Ocean University
    • Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group
    • China Maritime Museum
    • Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration
    • Shanghai Municipal Oceanic Bureau
    • Shanghai Maritime Academy
    • Polar Research Institute of China
    • Yangshan Deepwater Port