• GIoCT Creative Schools

    Welcome to our Creative Schools Partnership program.


    We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to schools looking to enhance their creative curriculum and foster a culture of innovation.


    "Creative schools are places where students are taught to imagine a better world and to develop the critical capacities to make it happen. They are places where teachers are empowered as creative professionals and leaders of learning, and where the curriculum is designed to ignite and sustain students’ curiosity about themselves and the world around them."

    Sir Ken Robinson 

    renowned author, speaker, and international advisor on education


    Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from partnering with us:



    • Enhanced creativity and innovation: Our program is designed to help schools develop a more dynamic and creative learning environment. We work with teachers and administrators to integrate creative thinking into their curriculum, providing students with opportunities to explore new ideas and express themselves in new and exciting ways.
    • Professional development for teachers: Our program includes professional development opportunities for teachers, helping them develop new skills and techniques for fostering creativity in the classroom. Our expert team provides ongoing support and training to ensure that teachers have the resources they need to bring creativity to life in their classrooms.
    • Increased student engagement: When students are engaged in creative and innovative learning experiences, they are more likely to be motivated and enthusiastic about their education. Our program helps schools create these kinds of experiences, increasing student engagement and ultimately leading to improved academic performance.
    • Strengthened community partnerships: Our program also provides opportunities for schools to build stronger partnerships with local community organisations, such as arts and cultural institutions. These partnerships help to enrich the educational experiences of students and provide valuable resources and support for teachers.
    • Competitive advantage: In today's rapidly changing world, creativity and innovation are becoming increasingly important skills for success. By partnering with us, schools can gain a competitive advantage by providing students with the skills and experiences they need to thrive in the 21st century.

    We believe every student deserves a rich and creative education, and we are committed to helping schools achieve this goal.


    Contact us today to learn more about our Creative Schools Partnership program and how we can work together to create a brighter future for your students.

    Get in touch with us at info@gioct.org to see how we can help your school to excel.