• Certification Programme in Creative Thinking

    Welcome to the exciting Certification programme on Creative Thinking designed by experienced industry practitioners and leading academics to provide teachers and school leaders with a comprehensive insight into the subject of creative thinking.

  • 1. Explore complex creative thinking issues

    You will develop advanced skills and analytical techniques relevant to creative thinking theory and application, meeting the growing demand from multiple industries and organisations seeking a professional creative thinking skillset in education.

    2. Progress to an international Certification

    You can apply to the programme through three entry routes depending on your Certifications. You can also progress to an international Certification if you have registered for the professional certificate.

    3. Delivered by experts in the field

    You’ll learn from experienced school leaders and academic researchers with portfolios covering teaching for creativity in the school context with innovations in pedagogy and assessment, combining academic excellence with school knowledge and expertise.

    4. Opportunities to take your career further

    This degree is ideal if you are interested in developing the skills and knowledge required to promote student creativity and curriculum innovation. It provides valuable skills and approaches across all age groups and subjects. The opportunities are limitless.

    5. A mark of excellence

    Earn an internationally recognised Certification from the Global Institute of Creative Thinking, London, which leads in teaching, innovation and research in creative thinking.

  • An international degree for all teachers and school leaders

    In the modern world, creativity is the skillset which enables students succeed at school and at work and become capable life-long learners. This programme probes into the best knowledge and skills that encourage creative thinking of the next generation talents.


    While many teacher training programmes seek to train teachers in a single framework of traditional subject-related pedagogies, this programme offers a great opportunity to understand creative thinking in the 21st century with a new framework of teaching for creativity. You will develop key abilities to critically adapt teaching in classrooms, carry out innovative course design in departments and enhance management on campus in your future career.


    Not only is this programme suitable for those who wish to become inspiring teachers, or are already leaders in schools wishing to advance further in their career, it is also suitable for anyone who seeks curriculum innovation to foster creativity. This programme is based on established and successful research an practice in creativity education, drawing lessons from schools in the UK, China, Australia, and Canada.

    A trusted name in creativity education

    The Global Institute of Creative Thinking is a leading organization, internationally recognised for its commitment and experience in creative thinking and creativity education development. This reputation is based on the outstanding teaching and research of our excellent members of the advisory committee.


    In the context of promoting the reform of K12 education, the institute advocates “Teaching for Creativity” and brings together the very educational resources that will allow policy-makers, researchers and teachers to better foster creative thinking of students, helping them become future leaders and lifelong learners. Pilot projects were delivered successfully since 2019 across schools in Shanghai.

    Delivered by experts in the field​

    The programme has been developed with experts from a number of top world universities, including University of Cambridge, Durham University, Winchester University, and London Interdisciplinary School.


    Among our advisors are leading figures in the educational community, including Professor Bill Lucas, Co-Chair of OECD PISA Creative Thinking Committee and Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning, Winchester University. Our work draws on his five-dimensional Model of Creativity as well as the PISA 2021 Creative Thinking Framework. His model has supported the development of creativity in schools across the U.K., Canada and Australia.


    Our lead trainer is Mr. Russel Ellicott, Headmaster at Pate’s Grammar School in Cheltenham since 2012. Pate’s Grammar School is a Government funded school and consistently ranked in the Top 10 for academic outcomes in the UK. Russel started his career as a teacher of History and before moving into leadership positions. He is a National Leader of Education, serves on numerous regional and national education advisory boards and leads training for Senior Leaders and serving Headteachers in the U.K. and overseas.

  • First-ever Certification of Teaching for Creativity

    When you complete the Certification course from the Global Institute of Creative Thinking, London, you will receive two important documents – your Final Certificate (the parchment you receive upon Certification) and a Certificate Supplement.

    Final Certificate

    • Indicates that you were registered with the Global Institute of Creative Thinking,  London and awarded a GIoCT certificate.
    • Gives the name of London Interdisciplinary School as the Member Institution that  developed the syllabus and provided assessment.
    • Features the the Global Institute of Creative Thinking, London and of London  Interdisciplinary School as well as signature from programme director.

    Certificate Supplement​

    • Describes the nature, level and content of the programme you successfully completed, including the transcript of courses taken, marks achieved and overall classification.
    • States the role of GIoCT and LIS and the method of study.
  • More than a general teacher training certificate

    This certificate is designed to give you an in- depth understanding of the subject of creative thinking and key insights in how the wider education works in relation to fostering creativity and critical thinking across a range of disciplines.

    By studying this programme, you will:

    • Develop a systematic understanding of the  relevant dispositions or qualities in the context of  creative thinking, e.g., use of intuition,  inquisitiveness, perseverance, tolerance of  uncertainties, and the ability to reflect critically.
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of tools, concepts  and theories relating to your chosen area or  context of creative thinking at an advanced level
    • Acquire the ability to critically analyse contrasting  creative behaviours, methods and outcomes in  relation to individual factors and type or scale of  learning projects
    • Apply creative thinking in order to reshape  curriculum goals, teaching plans and assessment  methods to help students solve complex real-  world problems and become creative and  innovative solution makers in challenging  situations.


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  • How You Study​

    The Creative Thinking Certification Programme can be offered in person or fully online or in a mixed mode combining both, which allows you a great opportunity to flexibly fit your training around your schedule. You can choose to either study individual modules on a pay-as-you-go basis or build up your certification at your own pace.


    By studying this programme, you will develop a critical, selective and confident approach to the integration of knowledge domains and practical skills to plan, manage and execute creativity education projects and teaching processes successfully, fully cognisant of the specific requirements of each disposition of creativity, the potential for blockages to creativity development and preventive strategies to overcome challenges.


    Each module is run over X-week block followed by an assessment, with the exception of the Dissertation or Project module which is run over two 10-week blocks.

  • Program Structure


    All modules excluding the Thesis module are available to study on a stand-alone basis, subject to module availability.

    For further information on available modules, please contact: info@gioct.org

  • For more information on entrance requirements and learning support

    Please download our programme brochure here.

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