• Case Study

    GIoCT develops and publishes creativity education case studies of promising practices for schools across the world.


    The Creative Lab: 2019 - 2022

    A creativity education initiative involving 45 schools in Shanghai, which aims to promote the importance of teaching creative thinking in schools, develop teacher capacity in creative learning strategies, and reshape teachers' understanding of assessment.


    The SAIL Curriculum: A Creative Lab Case Study

    The SAIL curriculum is a four-year program selected and cobuilt by GIoCT and the school through the Creative Lab initiative to enhance creativity learning in the school curriculum design and foster aspiring, resilient, collaborative and creative young talents in the 21st century.

  • Conduct a case study

    If you’d like to receive support from GIoCT to carry out a case study on how to enhance creativity development in your school curriculum, new or ongoing projects, and learning materials, we’d love to hear from you, click "Get into touch" below to send us an email or visit Contact page to leave a message.

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